CLIF BAR x Goldsprints

Clif Bar Presents “No Weak Links”

Overview: Developed a 2×2 team goldsprint competition for Clif Bar & Co., hosted by Drop Crank Society, a NYC based bicycling collective.

Target: Participation by road, track, fitness and spin instructors to broaden the scope of goldsprint subculture.

Strategy: Outreach to key riders to promote culture awareness. Campaign roll-out of production logistics, venue, third. party vendor sourcing and partnership with  State Bicycle Co.

To ensure “rider equality” the following prize winnings were distributed:
• Men’s Fastest ($1,000)
• Women’s ($1,000)
• Mixed ($1,000)
• Fastest Overall takes $1,500
• #ClifxNoWeakLinks- Coined the hashtag producing some of the following highlights:
cgulick11, formulafemmegetme_doegnarly_mythafvcka, heyitsyaboyby, indigocliplessjustaminorthreat, veloclassic_stans

Insights: An offshoot of spin and cycling, goldsprints are popular among the bike messaging circuit. Collaboration is at the core of this sport, promoting rider influencers and key niche brands further increasing cultural visibility and growth by supporting local community venues and events.