Live Nation x Bamboozle Festival

Live Nation Presents: Bamboozle Festival

Overview: Developed a 3 day LincStar stage production for Live Nation, with a focus on broadening Electronic/Hip Hop landscape. Showcased a dynamic Bboy dance competition along with a diverse music artist lineup successfully bringing together an engaged crowd.

Talent: Jared Evans, Tanya Morgan, T. Mills, Far East Movement, Dirt Nasty, I Set My Friends on Fire, Mike Posner, Spose, The Beatards, Roxy Cottontail, DJ Prime, Skeet Skeet, Boaz, Dylan Owen, Grieves, Samuel Adams Wisner, Sean Price, Spose, Wiz Khalifa, Wale, 88 Keys, All Out.

Target: Male/Female (15-30), middle to upper class household, passionate about music and festival culture, socially driven and tech savvy.

Strategy: Managed a team of 6 to oversee stage production, Run of Show, green room, catering and product sponsors. Secured DJ & Host Ivan (UAF). Oversaw contracts, facilitated travel, and lodging. Hosted 5 hour Bboy battle with secret panel of judges at the Blender (Gramercy Theatre). The Top 12 wildcard contestants were invited to Bamboozle Festival to compete 1 month later. Select Hip Hop fan outlets provided extensive media and social coverage. Total of 36 national dancers selected to compete at Finale Battle for $7,500 cash prize.

Insights: Today’s Gen Y are fueled by festival culture that directly relate to them and offer diverse experiences ranging from: larger than multi visual & sound stage productions, WiFi stations, pop up vendors driving impulse buys and mobile food carts to satisfy their hunger. This production brought together over 6,000 spectators. Reduced LincStar stage operational budget by 20% utilizing networks & resources.