Tomboyfeels x Privilege Pop-Up

Tomboyfeels x Privilege NYC Pop-Up Shopping Mixer

Overview: Curation of on going quarterly seasonal events, focused on fueling a diverse community of creative women seeking career empowerment and networking potential while shopping the cut & sew Tomboyfeels brand founded by lifestyle influencer Miranda Maxwell. Tomboyfeels hosted this pop-up series in conjunction with globally recognized streetwear company Privilege.

Target: Women professionals in all career levels, ethnicities, and age groups who identify their personal style as “tomboy”. These women desire an inclusive female experiences driving cross-collaborative opportunities to further enhance career growth.

Strategy: Curated shopping focused on reaching out to members seeking guidance from notable thought leaders, mentors, and entrepreneurs within art, fashion, music, multi-media, dance, and technology industries. Heavy emphasis placed on social media, as well as teaming up with a selection of retail shops, restaurant venues, and influencer talent creating brand buzz for this fast growing grassroots movement.