LUNA x Runstreet

LUNA BAR x Runstreet: Women’s Media Influencer NYC Street Art Run

Developed a unique NYC street art experience presented by Luna Bar and hosted by Runstreet. Confirmed 40 digital media influencers to participate in a 5K run in conjunction with artist Renee XORS. The tour focused on murals created by 15 notable female street artists followed by lunch at Vandal.

Target: Professional women (25-45) within the Beauty, Wellness, Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle industries.

Strategy: Worked cross-functionally with LUNA in-house east coast field marketing team, providing guests with a fresh new way to experience the evolving NYC landscape.
• Ideation of pitch and deck roll-out
• Sourced all brand partnerships
• Secured venue placement
• T-shirt layout design & printing
• #LunaxRunstreet placement cards concept
• Guest selection and outreach
• Developed gifting/product placement
• Negotiated all 3rd. party contracts and invoicing
• Selection of media influencers included: Alanita BonitaAlyssa Gagarin, Angelique Miles, Rebecca Pace, Christine Abramo, Christine Yu, Derina Wilson, Eve May, Jessie ZapoJoJo, Judy DeWolf, Lauren MazzoMara Alessi, Mary Arnold, Melissa Killion, Miranda Maxwell, Molly RitterbeckNatalie Grossman,  Samantha CornellThe Sweat Life

Insights: NYC is a melting pot of diversity which the Luna brand continues to tap into by developing interactive consumer experiences and focusing on product sustainability, women’s health, wellness and equality.
• #LunaxRunstreetCoined hashtag resulting in 30K+ fan likes accumulated within 72 hours.
•  Video Recap